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Adeline moved to the deaf community in Leveque on February 20, 2012 and learned about Three Cords from a friend. Her smile and gentleness make everyone around her at ease. She began working at Three Cords in August, 2012. Adeline and her sister Jasmine were the first two deaf women to be hired at Three Cords. Adeline is the mother four boys, and one girl. She loves watching sign videos of Adele's songs and working at Three Cords. Sweet Adeline brings gentleness and smiles to everyones day.

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Amboise is one of our male employees here at Three Cords. He is an expert at making all of our different products but is especially speedy at braiding cords. 

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Chimene's sweet ways and loving personality make her especially fun to be around. She currently lives in Cabaret with her mom who is said to make the best pate (Haitian food) around. Chimene loves reading her Bible and taking care of her nephew and his friends. She is a hard worker who is quick to serve others. Chimene keeps us smiling and well fed! 

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Daphnee lives in the deaf community in Leveque. She got her education in Simonfere where there is a large deaf school. This school is where Daphnee learned to sew. Daphnee has one little girl. She is very excited about working at Three Cords because she loves to sew and this is her first real job! 

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Darline joined Three Cords staff in November of 2012 when she moved to the deaf community in Leveque. She is married and has one little girl who is 9 months old. Darlyne went to school in Simnonfere and is a great seamstress. One of her favorite things to do is dance!

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The youngest one of the bunch, Fafane is everyone’s little sister.  Fafane never complains and is always ready to help.  She is determined to work hard in school and at Three Cords and prays for the opportunity to go to medical school one day.  We believe she can do it.

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Her smile is captivating and her love, overflowing.  Gernise is a gentle and quiet spirit, and an amazing seamstress.  Demonstrated by her willingness to trudge 3 hours to and from work everyday, Gernise is a faithful worker that you would undoubtedly fall in love with if you met her. 

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Guerline is a seamstress here at Three Cords. Her story, her faith, and her work are incredibly inspiring and an amazing example of the Lord’s redemption and restoration.

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Guy moved to the deaf community in Leveque and started working at Three Cords in November of 2012. He is really excited about working at Three Cords because now that he has a job he can support his two boys and wife. Guy learned to sew in the Industrial Park making t-shirts. He attended a school for the deaf in Bon Repot. While at school he learned how to make desks, chairs, and closets out of wood! He is a wood artisan who also loves sewing. Guy loves all kinds of sports. His favorite sport is Argentina football, but he has a hard time playing because he lost function of his leg when he was riding a horse and fell! Guy is excited to learn more about sewing and start making Three Cords tote bags! 

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Jasmine, sister of Adeline, also moved to the deaf community in Leveque in February 2012. Jasmine is the entrepreneur of the bunch. She owns a small boutique in her community where she sews school uniforms on a peddle powered singer machine. Jasmine is truly an amazing seamstress. She attended a sewing school in Port au Prince a few years ago and has continued to pursue her passion for sewing. Her favorite things to sew are clothes and uniforms for her own children- ages 11, 9, and 5. Jasmine brings knowledge and a little spunk to Three Cords. Communication may not be the easiest between the ladies, but both Jasmine and Adeline are so impressive with their ability to expressive themselves through signs. 

 Learn more about Jasmine here.




Lydia is one of our seamstresses here at Three Cords. She always seems to have a big smile on her face, regardless of if she is sewing totes or talking with coworkers. She loves making jokes with other employees and admirably took it upon herself to learn sign language in order to communicate with those from the deaf community.

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Marie Denise is a joyful motherly figure at Three Cords. She was born and raised in Port-au-Prince where grew up with a large family of two brothers and four sisters. She began going to church at a very young age, and enjoyed learning about God. She also loved attending school, and she graduated high school, her favorite subject being math.

Learn more about Marie-Denise here.






Marie Maude’s last name means “sweetness,” and this word encapsulates who she is. Endearing and lively, Marie Maude is the first to greet anyone new that walks into Three Cords. Marie Maude is a faithful leader.

Learn more about Marie-Maude here.







Though her words are few, every once in a while she bursts out some hilarious story that has the whole room in tears laughing; it’s almost as if she’s been saving it for hours. A bit ornery and a lot hysterical, Mary Walnise adds some serious flavor to the bunch.

Learn more about Marie-Walnise here.







Natacha is one of the original employees who began working at Three Cords since its inception in September of 2010. She is extremely skilled as well as a sweet soul to have on the team.

Learn more about Natacha here.







Rosenie has a quiet and gentle strength that is beautiful. She pursues the heart of Jesus so beautifully, and you can tell this by the way she loves the other women. Rosenie is a hard worker and fast learner, and never ceases to impress us.

Learn more about Rosenie here.







Sandra brings a youthful playfulness and fun to Three Cords. She is one of the youngest Three Cords employees! After working in the morning at Three Cords, Sandra attends University in the afternoon studying to be a nurse. Talk about a hard worker! 

Learn more about Sandra here.







Love amazes everyone she meets with her determination to walk through this life on two prosthetic legs with confidence and grace. Love is a fast learner and exceptional seamstress, and loves and is loved deeply by the Three Cords family.

Learn more about Soun-Love here.


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