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Marie Denise is a joyful motherly figure at 3 Cords. She was born and raised in Port-au-Prince where grew up with a large family of two brothers and four sisters. She began going to church at a very young age, and enjoyed learning about God. She also loved attending school, and she graduated high school, her favorite subject being math.

In 2002, Marie Denise was in an awful car accident on the way to her brother’s wedding. Her leg was severely injured and amputated. After living ten years without a leg, she discovered Mission of Hope through meeting Three Cord’s founder in 2012. The founder convinced her to come to the Prosthetic Lab, where she could receive a free prosthetic leg. Soon thereafter, she was hired as a seamstress at Three Cords.

Marie Denise loves her family. She currently lives in Port-au-Prince with her children, some siblings, and her parents. She has five children and is an incredibly selfless and supportive mother. She most enjoys working at Three Cords because it helps her pay for her kids’ education, as well as support them with food and housing. All of her children attend school, and in fact, one is studying to become a lawyer at university in Port-au-Prince. Even in her free time and on weekends, Marie Denise loves devoting time to taking care of her kids.

Marie Denise also enjoys her work at Three Cords because she can spend time with other men and women who can relate to her situation and lifestyle. She always is talking with the other artisans, making jokes, and brightening up the room with her huge smile—certainly a pleasant and comforting spirit all enjoy.



Age: 37
Began working at Three Cords: 2012
Tell us about your church: “Church is good. You learn how to live like brothers and sisters.”
If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?
“I would love to go to Canada and visit my brothers and sisters there.”
Is there anything you’d like to say to Three Cords customers who buy your products?
“I would like the customers to buy more from Three Cords to help it improve and excel.”

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