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Jasmine is one of our five deaf employees at Three Cords. Although she is unable to hear or speak, she has a big personality and a sweet heart, which is evident in her effort to practice sign language with anyone who finds their way into Three Cords.

Jasmine is married and has three children, ages 13, 11 and 7. During the earthquake of 2010, Jasmine and her family were living in Port-au-Prince. When the earthquake hit, Jasmine was driving in the city. She suddenly felt an intense rumbling, saw houses collapse violently, and witnessed hundreds of people lying dead in the streets. She got out of her car and started running home, fearful that her home was destroyed and her children were dead. Thanks to God’s grace, she returned home to find her family still alive, although her home was damaged. This was a life-changing moment for Jasmine. In the midst of all the hurt and the pain she witnessed, she was still able to see the power of God’s love and thanks Him continually for saving her and her family. 

After the earthquake, Jasmine says living conditions were horrible for her family. People were very stressed because everyone was living in the street. She did not have money for food or clothes, and her family survived solely off of the food that humanitarian organizations brought in. In order to make money and provide for her family, Jasmine began her own sewing business, where she would sew clothes and sell them to women. This enabled her to purchase food for her family and pay for her children to go to school.

After the earthquake, much of the deaf population in Port-au-Prince began moving to Leveque Village, which soon became the largest integrated deaf community in a third-world country. Jasmine and her family moved and settled in this village. Although she was happy to move into this community, it was still difficult for Jasmine, as she didn’t have customers in Leveque to keep her in business. Then in 2012, she heard about Three Cords and came with her sister and three others from Leveque to begin working for Three Cords. Jasmine was grateful for the chance to work again, because now she is able to continue to take care of her family.

Jasmine continues to live in Leveque with her mother, husband, and three children in a home built by Mission of Hope as part of the Blue-to-Block initiative. In her free time, she likes to cook, help her children with homework, and go to church.

Jasmine and her sister, Adeline are star fabric cutters at Three Cords. They both work very hard to make sure the fabric for every product is cut to the right dimensions for the seamstresses to sew. We are thankful to have them on our team!



Age: 41
Began working at Three Cords: 2012
Family: Husband, 3 children
Favorite Bible Verse:
Psalm 23
“I love the last verse. Wherever you are, he will always keep you under his protection.”
Tell us about your kids:
I’m so proud of them. I use them as my voice because I am deaf, but they can hear and speak. They are also really good at sign language. They love God a lot.
Why do you like working at Three Cords?
“I like working at Three Cords because they have a special plan for handicapped people. They are really understanding of that, and they help us take care of our families.”
Is there anything you’d like to say to Three Cords customers who buy your products?
“I would like to encourage the Three Cords customers to buy more products. When you do that, you help Three Cords in the future.”

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