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Guy is one of our five deaf employees at Three Cords. Although he doesn’t have the ability to verbalize, Guy’s smile and friendliness never fails to display his loud, joyful spirit.

Guy is the oldest of 8 children in his family. He grew up in an orphanage, without his parents, which he says was very difficult for him at times. He also attended school through 9th grade. 

After the earthquake, Guy was displaced, along with many others who are deaf, from Port-au-Prince to Leveque Village, now the largest integrated deaf community in a third-world country. It is in this village where Mission of Hope has implemented their Blue-to-Block housing project. This initiative moves over 600 families out of blue tarp tents into three-room, livable block homes, finished with a toilet, shower, and porch. Guy and his wife live in one of these homes and attend the local Mission of Hope Church in Leveque. He also has three children who live in Port-au-Prince with his sister, where they have the opportunity to go to school. He gets the chance to see them about once a week.

Guy has been working as a seamstress at Three Cords since 2012. Before his job here, he had never been employed. He is very grateful for his job, as his salary allows him to take care of his family and pay for his children to go to school. He also enjoys being with the other coworkers and feels that he has learned a lot from them!



Age: 43
Began working at Three Cords: 2012
Family: Wife and three kids
Favorite Bible Verse:
John 3:16—“Because of the love of God for the world.”
Describe your relationship with Jesus: 
Since I learned that Jesus gave his life for my sins, I realized my best friend is Jesus. I want to live like he lives everyday until he returns.”
How did the earthquake affect you and your family? 
“I saw many people run. People died. That’s all I can explain. I was so sad. Many people lost their families. Many buildings were destroyed. I thank God for his protection over my family and me. Praise the Lord.”
If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you choose? 
“I would like to visit Miami to see the difference from here.”
Is there anything you’d like to say to Three Cords customers?
“I would encourage them to buy more to help Three Cords continue in the future.”

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