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Adeline is a fabric cutter at Three Cords. She is one of our five employees from the deaf community in the village of Leveque where she lives with her husband and two of her five children.

Adeline grew up in an orphanage and went to school through 9th grade but did not have the opportunity to continue her education. Before working at Three Cords she worked as a supervisor for a dress making company in Port-au-Prince.

The earthquake was a big obstacle for Adeline and her family, they spent a long period living in the street. She says she didn’t know what an earthquake was like before, so when it happened, she thought it was the coming of Christ. It will always remain in her mind, and although it brought difficulty, she says it has ultimately helped her to trust Christ more.

Adeline loves working at Three Cords because she feels very comfortable and close to the other employees. Everyone works together and lives like family. She is thankful for the opportunity to communicate through sign with the other employees who are deaf. She also participates in weekly Bible Studies through a sign language interpreter.

Adeline’s monthly salary at Three Cords helps her pay for her children’s schooling. In her free time, Adeline enjoys spending time with them and helping them with their homework.

She also enjoys spending Sundays at her local church in Cabaret, which she has attended since she was a small girl.



Age: 45
Began working at Three Cords: 2012
Family: Husband and 5 kids; 4 brothers and 3 sisters
Favorite Bible Verse:
John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
“In this verse, there is a promise, and it helps me live by hope everyday until I receive my reserved seat in heaven.”
If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you choose?
“The United States because there they have more support for the deaf.”
Describe your relationship with Jesus:
“I love Jesus a lot, and he loves me. It doesn’t matter what I do, he always forgives me and protects me. I always ask God for strength and courage in the bad times.”
What inspires you?
“God and the community I live in.”

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