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Host a 3 Cords Party!

Posted on 11 April 2012

Are you excited about what 3 Cords is doing, and want to spread the vision and help the ladies sell more of their beautiful products?  If so, please consider hosting a 3 Cords party at your home or church—such a fun way to bring HOPE to Haiti and specifically these women.  If you are interested, please email us at, and we will get you all set up to host your party!  We’ll send you products, pictures and stories of the women, Haitian recipes you can make for your guests (if you’d like!), and all other relevant info/material that you may need. 

Pam McGee reflects on the recent 3 Cords party she hosted:

“If you’ve seen these precious cords, purses and other items these women create, you will understand why we were all anxious to purchase some for ourselves and family/friends.  But we also thought that there would be lots of women back in the US who would love to buy some because they were cute, but also because of what they would be supporting in the process.  After loading up a large bag full of cords and clips, we brought them back to Dallas and had a sale!  Over 125 cords sold in just 30 minutes at our weekly Bible study. Some women from our team have also had parties in their home sharing the vision of MOH and 3 Cords and getting a chance to sell the cords there as well.  On our displays we have included a couple of pictures of 3 Cords women as well as a short bio about them.  It was so sweet to watch someone read short story about one of the women then pick up a cord and see that woman’s name on the tag!  It made it so personal and real to them!”

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