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A new 3 Cords Baby!

Posted on 05 March 2012

I am honored to introduce to you the newest little 3 Cords baby- Dorjley Elite!  Dorjley was born to Dorce Elite just a few weeks ago.  While in Haiti last week, some of the 3 Cords ladies and Diana Weibe and I had the opportunity to go visit Dorce at her home, and it was such a precious time to see her with her new baby.  We all missed Dorce because she’s home on maternity leave, but so happy for her to be resting and home with her healthy baby Dorjley! 

Dorce was so funny talking about her delivery story, and we were all amazed at how tough she was!  She explained, quasi-nonchalantly and quasi-chuckling at the thought of it, “Di-ann-ahh!  I almost had my baby in the street!!”  When her water broke, she couldn’t find a tap-tap (an overcrowded public transport pick-up), so she hopped on a motorcycle taxi for an hour long ride to the ambulance.  (In Haiti,  you go to the ambulance; rarely does it come to you!)  She said at multiple times she thought she was going to deliver Dorjley while on the motorcycle- an incredible testament to the strength of Haitian women!  They can handle just about anything, it seems.  Anyhow, the minute she got in the ambulance that would take her to the hospital, she delivered precious little Dorjley- without pain meds, a nurse, or anyone with her!  Soon after, a Haitian nurse arrived and helped her cut the cord.  Dorce is one amazing woman!  We are all so happy for her.  Dorjley is her second baby, first girl.  <3

Nadege and Denise both loving on Dorjley- both 3 Cords employees

Dorjley trying on her first cord! :)

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  • Kristi Damrill: March 11, 2012

    She is incredible! How sweet her little baby is:)

  • samantha silva: March 06, 2012

    We are preparing to share our experience about Haiti to a group of 6th grade girls tomorrow. We wanted to read more about the ladies at 3 cords. This is a precious, amazing story of God’s grace, provision and strength He gives us, especially for Dorce here! Praise God!

  • Heather: March 05, 2012

    Dorjley is beautiful! Congratulations to Dorce and her family!! I love the labor/delivery story— Dorjley will have fun hearing it someday. Thanks for sharing the excitement!!!

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